These images were inspired by Plato's theory of forms. Plato believed that the physical world we see around us is merely a shadow or an imperfect copy of a higher reality. This higher reality, according to him, is made up of eternal and unchanging ideas or forms which are perfect and exist independently from our perception of them. He also believed that true knowledge and understanding could only be achieved by contemplating these perfect forms, rather than relying on our imperfect senses. 
The photographs show that forms have this cool quality of going beyond normal boundaries. They're not limited by space and time. And because they represent one specific thing perfectly, they're considered pure. Everything else we see around us is a reflection of these forms, because they're the realest of real things, and the reality of other objects comes from the forms themselves. Those photos aim to capture that sense of transcendence and the idea that there's a deeper truth hiding behind the surface of things.
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