We're trapped into the racing pulse of the city, the long working hours, the weekends of futile entertainment that led us away from questioning the value of connecting with nature that is the root of everything. We exist in a world full of virtual sub-realities where regarding is tight to a screen, so the very simple forms and beauty that Nature offers becomes something apart from us. 

When you look at these images you will mostly wonder twice what they are, where they belong to, we can even think that they are from an exoplanet, and in effect it was the purpose for this project. I decided not to use colour, flip the pictures up or down, used various contrast brushes in specific areas so I could create a line into the viewer imagination and let it be part of its own reality. What do you see? 

The photographs were taken between Portugal and Spain, they are shapes created when the tides go out, or reflexions of sunlight. With very small components and a lot of observation this is a perception you can get from the fascinating formations of Nature, so easy and at the same time so difficult... We need to go out and explore the authentic world. This is an invitation to create a moment of tangible contemplation. In honour of earth and the simplicity of nature that always reveals the divine.
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